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Hi-Tech was established in 1968 by S.Jagjit Singh Gahir (M.D.) under the noble guidance of his father S.Amrik singh Gahir(very respectable name in the industrial sector) S.Gurjinder Singh Gahir Son of M.D. helps him all in company activities.

Since our inception the company involed in designing & manufacturing of special purpose machines (SPMs) as per customers requirement. We design & manufacture SPMs for the operations: -

Boring, Facing, Facing-Centering, Turning, Drilling, Reaming, Tapping, chemfering, Grinding, External Threading etc.
is the well known name in the SPMs in the field of Tractor, Automobile, Two wheeler, Cycle, Sewing Machine industry etc. Most of our machines are Auto cycle controlled with hydraulics, Pneumatics, Electricals, PLC, Servo Motors etc. We also under take the auto cycle machines controlled with mechanical systems and manual operated to make low cost SPMs to meet the customers requirements.

Quality :
Considering quality as the most essential aspect of our operations, we have kept ourselves focused to meet the demands of the client Stringent, right from the initial stage of manufacturing process to the final stage, all the processes are closely inspected by the quality check engineers who have complete knowledge about Special purpose machines, General purpose machines, Hydraulic systems electric control panels, PLC & Drive etc.

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